Did Mika Singh choose Salman Khan or Shah Rukh Khan?

Who could forget John Abraham and Akshay Kumar's performance as smoking hot strippers in Desi Boyz? But even as you watched those ripped abs and wide shoulders doing their oh-so-sexy thing, Mika Singh’s voice singing the title song is what made it a chartbuster hit in no time. The singing sensation made news then and is still doing so today, be in in real life, on stage or on social media. And he doesn't need a song release to do it either!

Recently, Mika appeared on a television reality show and was asked about which actor he most likes to sing for, Salman Khan or Shah Rukh Khan. He was clear: he loves singing for Salman. And when the host of the show  asked about his love and sex life, he cheekily replied, "I’m good at both - my performance is always good. I’m a good player." Naughty, isn’t he?  

Some people sing for films and a few sing for their favourite star - Mika does both.