Divya Kumar sings Sweety baby in Kissebaaz!

Bollywood has produced some of the most popular wedding songs ever. The music industry would have been so different if these many tracks based on wedding scenarios had not been made. One new song that could be added to that list is Sweety baby, from the movie Kissebaaz.

Though The film doesn’t include any big names in its cast, this song has a familiar sound: the voice of the talented Divya Kumar. Kumar has sung some of the biggest Bollywood chartbusters like Kamariya from StreeIssaqaazi from the movie Zero and more. But Sweety baby does not have the same oomph as the numbers he is known for.

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The music is composed by Rohan Rohan and includes desi instruments. The tempo is slow and the lyrics are by Rohan Gokhale, with too many English words in it for easy connect to audiences. What do you think of Sweety baby? 

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