The Doorbeen and Shreya Sharma's Prada is unmissable!

The Lamberghini hitmakers the Doorbeen boys Onkar Singh and Babu are back with a new single Prada, with Shreya Sharma. The song has been released on Jackky Bhagani's recently announced music label, Jjust Music. The song is catchy, for sure. 

The video features Alia Bhatt sizzling like never before with The Doorbeen boys. And this is the first time the Highway star has been featured in an independent music video. Alia's charming looks and sexy moves make this track even more special. Onkar and Babu grab attention and look decent against the funky background. The song is choreographed by Bosco. 

If you love partying, this one should be on your Friday night playlist. The song lacks energy, especially in the chorus, and the musicality is rather less than we expected of it. What attracts attention to the song is the start, when the Doorbeen boys sing "Akhiaan shoni teri, meri val hunn takdi nahi, akhiaan shoni teri, meri val hunn takdi nahi." Shreya's voice throughout the song sounds low key and funky. 

The Doorbeen are the first musicians who are associated with the label Jjust Music. This one will be played on loop by fans of the duo and of Alia, we are sure. Prada is composed and written by the Doorbeen twosome. Check out the music video right here: 

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