Gajendra Verma's Khelegi kya is a fun song!

The Tera ghata singer – Gajendra Verma has released a new song titled as Khelegi kya from his upcoming album FLIPKhelegi kya is out on his official YouTube channel with a lyrical video. The song is also the first of its kind with falling in a little bit of alternative rap genre.

Lately, rap music is getting quite popular among Indian music listeners. This song is not a total rap number but the lyrics of the song are performed in the way a rapper would. After a list of emotional and romantic songs, we can now say that Gajendra is doing something different in his musical career with a fun emotion in his songs.

While the lyrics of the song are a little funny, the songs revolve around the singer asking out a girl on a date. The music of the song is not something we have usually heard in any of his previous compositions. With a little bit of electronic influence, the slow tempo makes the overall song groovy to listen to.

The song is written, composed and sung by Gajendra Verma. We don’t know anything yet on the remaining tracks from the album, but if the artiste is solely responsible for FLIP's complete playlist, that makes it a great deal. Don’t you think so?

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