Gurnam Bhullar stays off the bottle in PK
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Famous for patiala pegs, the people of Punjab drink, dance and have a great time, or so the pop songs would have you believe. Gurnam Bhullar goes down that road in the latest bhangra-pop song PK, released by Jass Records. This one is proper Punjabi bhangra and sets the mood for a party.

Sung by Gurnam, the song tells a story through its video. It conveys the important message that it isn’t alcohol that is always bad for you, but also be the friends who encourage you to drink it. Featuring as his better half in the video, Shraddha Arya gives up on her effort to keep Gurnam away from his alcoholic friends.

The music is a smooth blend of bhangra and electro-pop. It is not a typical bhangra number - that would mean a lot of dhol beats and Indian percussion. But Bhullar’s vocals have the same energy and enthusiasm. Even if the Punjabi lyrics are confusing, the video depicts the story in a most entertaining way.

Watching the music video until the end, you find one more important message - always leave the party with your wife, or else you could face some regretful moments! Hangover or hangover plus embarrassment... kya chahiye, decide karlo