Here are 2 of the musical birthdays being celebrated today…

Linda McCartney would have been 78 today

Wife of Beatle Paul McCartney, Linda Louis McCartney (born Eastman) was an American musician, photographer of celebrities and contemporary musicians, animal rights activist and entrepreneur. With her husband she formed the band Paul McCartney and Wings in 1970, after the Beatles disbanded and toured with the group until 1993. Two years later she was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost her battle with the disease 3 years later.

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Blind Lemon Jefferson would have been 126 years old today!

Often called the ‘Father of the Texas Blues’, Lemon Henry ‘Blind Lemon’ Jefferson was an American blues and gospel singer-songwriter who was one of the most popular musicians of the 1920s. his distinctive high-pitched voice and original style of guitar playing made him inimitable – many tried, and blues and rock and roll musicians of later years did manage to achieve a facsimile of his artistry.

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