Jason Derulo shows off his dance moves in Mamacita!

Jason Derulo surprised his fans with a new single called Mamacita which is an English-Latin track. The music video was released a few days ago and it showcases Jason's dance moves as well as his marvellous vocals.

The rather mysterious video opens with Derulo carrying a woman over his shoulder...she suddenly disappears into thin air! Later on, another woman invites him into a club. The song also features rapper-singer Farruko. The Latin beat makes this song a good listen. Mamacita is definitely going to be a fixture in every DJ's playlist on Friday night. 

In no time, the track will make you hit the dance floor. Derulo's words make the song seem like a story is being told and when Farruko sings, it becomes light and breezy. Mamacita is full of zest, energy and pep. It is great to see Jason in a brand new look and, of course, his vocals complement him well. Check out the music video right here. 

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While the lyrical music video was released before the official music video, Mamacita has been making waves already in the musical world. Did you like the song? Let us know your views in the comments section below.