Jayaz: Rahul Vaidya and Sana Amin Sheikh fight for their love!

Rahul Vaidya released a new single called Jayaz on his Youtube channel yesterday. The song has been praised by music enthusiasts. This one is a soft ballad that will melt your heart. 

The video features popular television actor Sana Amin Sheikh along with Rahul. The song portrays a delicate story about love, religion and loyalty. It talks about the romance between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl. On Sana's wedding day Rahul comes to take her away to start a new chapter in their life together.  And whatever barrier comes their way, they face it confidently. 

This romantic number called Jayaz is sung by Rahul and it is composed by Maneesh-Tejas. This song is about separation and longing, and tugs at the heartstrings. Even though the music is dramatic, the chorus is extremely catchy and makes this song hummable. The lyrics of Jayaz perfectly blend with the composition.  Check out the song right here. 

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