Julia Michaels releases a mysterious track called Priest!

Singer Julia Michaels has just shown off a new music video from her album, Inner Monologues Part 1. The track is called Priest and was released on her official YouTube account.   In it she talks about her intimate life.  

The music video features Julia surrounded by her friends, against a white backdrop. The song speaks of the uncertainties and the love towards one's own person. The music is fun and Julia sounds fabulous in the chorus as she sings, "You broke my heart and now you want some redemption, oh it’s obvious that you ain’t learned your lesson." This number stays with you for a few hours. 

Julia also talks about an ex-lover that she is not satisfied with, and his confessions and sings,  "I'm not a priest". The composition is plain and she has a sweet voice that conveys the whole story. A special mention must be made of her songwriting skills - this number is surely a retort to an ex-lover. We only have one complaint:  we wish the music had lasted longer! Check out the song right here. 

Video Url

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