Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper perform Shallow first time ever!
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A Star is Born recently won the Golden Globe award for the song Shallow. Sung by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, the song has been a favourite for many music listeners worldwide. But the singers never really got a chance to perform the song live ever before.

During Gaga’s latest Enigma show in Vegas, she asked Bradley Cooper to join her on stage. She said, “So a really good friend of mine… I don’t know if you know him but his name is Bradley. He made that movie, umm, A Star Is Born. So I’m gonna be a little chance-y... Yo Bradley, you wanna come up and do this one?”

When Bradley started singing, it did sound like he was going off beat but a few seconds later, he managed to catch the rhythm and the audience enjoyed the performance.

Let us also tell you that this Bradley Cooper directed musical is nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Do you think the movie or the song could win an Oscar? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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