Listen to Ananya Birla’s new song with Sean Kingston!

Singer, songwriter, entrepreneur and mental health advocate Ananya Birla has already released 5 songs: Meant to be, Livin’ the life, Hold on, Circles and Better, all of which went platinum on streaming platforms. Most recently she dropped a new song called Day goes by, this one a collaboration with Sen Kingston, the Jamaican-American singer, songwriter, rapper and record producer whose Beautiful girls set the stage for his success.

Listen to their song Day goes by here:

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The lyrics are simple, but expressive:

Not a day go by, not a day go by
When you’re not on my mind
Girl I miss you
I’ve been thinking about your love and I can’t get enough

Baby, we can’t get out, don’t want you off my mind
I’m taking shots but got me still missing
You got me thinking about the days with you
We back and forth but I still won’t let go
Got to keep it real, I ain’t gonna play with you…

Ananya and Sean apparently met when Kingston was on tour in India, and they got along fabulously. He suggested that they jam together and one thing let to another until they shot the music video. Day goes by has them sing individually and then together, with some dialogue and rap, the whole film a lot of fun and synergised.

What do you think of Day goes by from Ananya Birla and Sen Kingston? Do tell us!