Listen to Shaan's tribute song to doctors!

Lately, Shaan hasn't been playing it safe with his music. The singer, who started off in the independent music scene before getting a chance in Bollywood, released various original singles over the past few months.

Apart from these, Shaan recently recorded a song to honour medicos on National Doctor’s Day. The song is called Khuda toh nahi par Khuda se ho tum. This tribute by Shaan reveals how the singer loves making music despite low publicity or budget constraints.

Listen to the song below:

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A few days ago Shaan released a tribute song for the city of Kolkata. Listen to that one here.

Though Khuda toh nahi par Khuda se ho tum does not have a music video yet, the lyrics have a deep meaning. Listening to Shaan’s vocals over this beautifully composed soundtrack is a pleasure. The soft melody of piano keys and the electric guitar lead towards the end of the song keep the number cheerful yet soulful.

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