Marshmello- It’s more than just music!

This popular EDM music producer and DJ has a documentary made on his musical career. One of the most followed musicians worldwide – Marshmello’s music is never limited to any specific music genre. In this short documentary, his long-time manager Moe Shalizi shares some interesting stories from when it all started.

Apart from Moe, you can watch other DJs and music producers like Tiesto, The Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix and Skrillex share their experiences with Marshmello music. It’s also no surprise to see Pritam's jam with Marshmello in the documentary. Remember their Biba song? Yes, the song which had Shah Rukh Khan in it too!

Watch the Artist Spotlight Stories featuring Marshmello below:

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It has been quite a while now that the majority of the music listeners haven’t really got to know who’s the real person playing Marshmello. 

While his manager reveals how YouTube has helped gain worldwide attention, he also shares the slow beginning where everyone called Marshmello a wannabe who’s trying to be the next deadmau5.

Deadmau5 or not, he has surely displayed his impeccable music skills in every music genre he has stepped in. 

Are you in the mello gang yet?

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