Mika Singh in big trouble after performing in Pakistan!

There seems to be a big storm brewing in hit singer Mika Singh’s professional life. It all started when he performed at a wedding in Karachi, Pakistan. Perhaps this was a mistake considering how sensitive the situation between India and its neighbour is right now, but the Aankh maare singer has made it worse by the fact that he was not just part of the entertainment in the wedding of a relative of former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf, but charged a lot of money – reports say about $150,000 – for doing so.

So what, you may ask. After all, it is his job to sing and where he does so and how much money he charges is his business, right? But no, this is where patriotic sentiment comes on. The All India Cine Workers Association (AICWA) has stepped into the murk of this story and reminds everyone, Mika included, that four days after the Pulwama attack on February 14 this year, a notice was issued saying that All India Cine Workers Association announce a total ban on Pakistani actors and artists working in the film industry. #PulwamaAttack

And now Singh has been banned unconditionally by the AICWA, boycotting him from movies and music contracts with production houses, music companies and online music content providers. According to a statement the association issued, “AICWA will make sure that no one in India works with Mika Singh and if anyone does, they will face legal consequences in the court of law." And there was more: "When the tension between the countries is at the peak, Mika Singh puts money above the nation's pride."

Now we wait to find out what Mika Singh has to say about this.

What do you think will happen?