Mika Singh: First class but no class!

Mika Singh is a gentleman, or so says everyone who has met him. And every gentleman needs some alone time, we agree. So when we heard about Singh buying every seat in the first class cabin of a plane, though our eyebrows did waggle a bit, we said okay, that sounds like something that would be expensive. He used a selfie stick to show off his acquisition, saying this: “There was a time when Michael Jackson would say that he wants to travel alone. So, I thought even I want to travel on my own and want no disturbance from anybody. I should not see a single man in the entire first class. So I booked the entire first class for myself.”

The singer wants to set a trend that stars and big celebrities could follow. While all this sounds terribly pretentious and crass to us, Singh’s musical colleague Shaan had a hilarious riposte – he used the same tactic to show off a bowling alley with himself, his wife Radhika and their son, saying how they had booked the whole space so that they would not be disturbed. Was Shaan being sarcastic? Did Mika Singh get the troll? We want to know!