Mika Singh will not let real talent be forgotten!

He’s often called the voice of Salman Khan, but has sung for so many others in Hindi films. Mika Singh has been known in Bollywood for many reasons, right and wrong. While the musician wowed with his voice, he also got his share of boos with his behavior, like when he kissed a reportedly unwilling Rakhi Sawant- remember that? But fame and money can overcome everything, right? Singh’s latest tweet shows how generous the man can be. He tweeted a video of a homeless man on the street. He said,  “Just saw this video clip and I feel so sad for this talented man who composed this song and is now begging on the street. Please help me find him, I will take care of his everything.” While we have no idea who the person was and why Mika would be so generous, we can’t help thinking of another story we once heard. Before releasing his debut single Baby, Justin Bieber sang on the street. And now he can probably buy the city, if not that particular street! Watch out, Mika, you never know – the person you are trying to help could just turn out to be someone who takes over your prime position in filmbiz!