Mike Singh left heartbroken after robbery at his Mumbai flat

Not so long ago, Bollywood singer Mika Singh’s Mumbai apartment was robbed of cash and valuables worth more than 12 Lakh. Mika had filed a police complaint after the incident. Luckily Mika was not present at the crime scene during the theft.

The accused was nabbed by the Delhi police who found that he had been working with Mika Singh as a video editor for the past 15 years. Identified as Ankit Vasan, he stole cash and belonging worth more than 12 Lakh from Mika’s flat, and also grabbed his hard drive containing expensive software. But it was not so easy for the police to find Ankit, since he had changed his location 60 times with flying back and forth between Delhi and Mumbai. Police conducted a number of raids before they found Ankit at his girlfriend’s house in West Delhi.

Mika shared his views saying, “Ankit was like my son. Agar koi chor aata aur bahut chori karta to mujhe kuchh farak na parta... par jiske liye aap itna kuchh karte hai aur wo aapka apna ho, to dil toot jata hai.” Do you think Mika should forgive Ankit? Let us know in the comments section below.

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