New Badshah song Paagal to drop soon! Watch teaser!

It has only been a week since Badshah released his new song Grandfather. The Haryanvi number portrayed a different swag and surprisingly didn’t talk about any party or girls. But we don't think it would be a long wait because Badshah teased his new song titled Paagal.

While the teaser is too short with no music heard, the scene shows the New York skyline and a wall with graffiti of ‘Badshah Paagal’. We can hear a siren in the background and a radio chat between two officers.

Check out the teaser below:

Video Url

Another reason why we believe the music video is shot is New York is because not so long ago, Badshah posted a series of pictures from New York. In one of them, he also captioned it as – ‘New yorking’.

See the post below:

Are you excited for this new Badshah song? In Grandfather we heard Badshah sing like a professional playback singer, do you want to hear more of it in Paagal? Let us know in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to SoundboxIndia for updates.