The new song from Koffee is a must-hear!

It’s getting hot again, with the rains retreating and the sun coming out to burn. And what could be more perfect for this time of year than some music with a vibe that is all about sun, surf, sand, summer and soft breezes? Try some Toast. Yes, that’s what we said. Take a look/listen:

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Toast by ‘singjay’ Koffee – which sounds amazingly like a breakfast café – is good fun to listen to, interesting to watch and an all-round warmly exciting experience. ‘Toasting’ is a kind of vocal work that is not true singing, but involves a chanting over a beat (‘riddim’) that is associated with mid-century Jamaican music. Koffee is an artiste to watch for, a girl born and raised on the outskirts of Kingston, Jamiaca, who suddenly shot into notice when Usain Bolt posted the video of the song she did on him called Legend. Today she is considered a front-runner in the new-age roots-reggae movement and has delivered tracks like Raggamuffin, Throne and now Toast.  

The lyrics go something like this:

Blessings all pon mi life and,
Me Thank God fi di journey,
di earnings a just fi di plus
Gratitude is a must
Me see
Blessings fall by mi right hand
Toast to di friends weh tek off heavy load
One time did sit down ina class and we bored
Den Oli seh do road and mi gwaan wid di road…

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