Notebook Jukebox recreates the magic of Orchestra music in Bollywood!
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The jukebox for the upcoming movie Notebook is out and the playlist includes four songs and one symphony music which is recorded with an orchestra. Vishal Mishra has composed the music album and has even sung in one of the songs.

Apart from the symphony, there are four songs and one of which is the Bumro song sung by Kamaal Khan. We cannot call this a total remake, because apart from the rhythm of the song, it sounds very different from the Mission Kashmir song by the same title. In this version, we can hear a lot of acoustic music and the lyrics are also tweaked to make it sound a little folk.

The playlist starts with Mohit Chauhan's Safar which is brilliantly composed by Vishal Mishra. It’s the perfect combination of Mohit’s voice and the flow of music that makes this song very special. The occasional use of the piano makes Safar a vibrating experience to listen to. 

Nai lagda is the only duet number in the album which is sung by Vishal Mishra and Asees Kaur. The song happens to be a heartbreak number. Vishal has hit some extremely high notes in the song. The music includes a slow tabla rhythm and electronic guitar riffs during the hook lines. Vishal has also used other folk instruments like flute and sarangi in the song which portrays the sad emotion of the song. 

The last song of the album is Laila sung by Dhvani Bhanushali and written by Abhendra Upadhyay & Vishal Mishra. Like all of the songs, this song also includes the sounds of orchestra. The violin notes are majorly heard in this song along with frequent piano keys playing with the emotions of the lyrics.

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