Papon’s Har lamha will melt your heart!

One of India’s finest independent singers, Papon has a new song that was released today by Indie Music Label. Titled Har lamha, this one is a slow emotional track. The singer, who also happens to an active performer of regional music is not new to Bollywood or Hindi music. Papon's voice has an unusual texture that makes him sound unique.

The music video features actors Dev Sharma and Neha Khan as a couple who are deep in love. While enjoying their time together, something happens that changes their lives forever. Watch the video below:

Video Url

Papon’s voice is magical, as always. The music is composed by Raaj Aashoo and includes very few electronic sounds in the final mix. This is what helps Har lamha be a soothing song and highlights Papon's voice. There are also a few sections where Papon blends in a more classical vocal style.

Should songs like these be included in Bollywood movies? Tell us what you think of Har lamha in the comments section below.

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