Rahul Sharma, santoor master, turs 47 today…

When you have a father who is known internationally for his art, you need to live up to that in some way. And when you choose that same art as your life’s work and passion, the pressure is even greater. But santoor master Rahul Sharma has managed to make his own place alongside his father, Pundit Shivkumar Sharma.

He started playing the harmonium very early and was taught the santoor at 13, even though he had not decided whether he wanted to focus on music as a career. But soon after finishing college Rahul started performing with his father and then life took on a new energy.

At just 22, he performed at WOMAD with Peter Gabriel and at the Darbar Festival. He has worked with Kenny G, electronica group Deep Forest, Richard Clayderman, Kersi Lord, Zakir Hussain, John McLaughlin, George Harrison, Van Morrison, YoYo Ma and many others. He not only plays santoor in its purest classical form, but also experiments with various genres, including fusion, rock and film music.

To celebrate Rahul Sharma’s 47th birthday, here are 3 tracks he has composed…

  • Time traveller
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  • Terrific Tina (Mujhse dosti karoge)
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  • Maya the illusion (ft Sunidhi Chauhan)
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