RJ Anushka Arora wins Best Radio Presenter award!

Radio and Bollywood music share a deep relationship with each other. But did you know that in countries like England, there’s a huge response to Bollywood content being broadcast on the radio?

Anushka Arora, who has been at the forefront of Bollywood music in London on Sunrise Radio, has won the ‘Best Radio Presenter of the Year’ award at the Asian Media Awards 2018. With news and views on the latest music releases in Bollywood and also hosting concerts for well known Indian singers like Arijit Singh and Asha Bhosle, among many others, her contribution to the growth of Bollywood music in England cannot be ignored.

Having worked as a radio presenter for a long time, Anushka headlined the Drive-Time Show for the BBC's Asian Network, Monday to Friday. She got her first break as a producer and presenter at Club Asia.

With such achievements, it isn't surprising that Anushka earned the honour of being the Best Radio Presenter of 2018.