Sage: Best from Ritviz after Udd gaye?

You all might remember him from the Udd gaye song. The DJ – music producer who goes by the name Ritviz has a new song out now! The song which is titled as Sage is turning out to be his best after Udd gaye.

When you listen to Sage, you will get to know that there’s always some electronic element which is common in most of Ritviz’s songs. But it’s surprising how he blends the electronic feel of the overall track with soothing vocals and a great melody humming.

The song is written, composed, produced and sung by Ritviz. The song is out with a beautiful music video. Watch the complete video here.

Video Url

The video is so beautiful that it sometimes takes you away from the song. The use of percussion and heavy bass rhythms make Sage one of the best independent music in the EDM genre.

Let us tell you that Ritviz will be releasing his debut album Ved this year. The album is supposed to have eight tracks and does not happen to be very vocal-driven too.

Are you looking forward for more Ritviz music? In the meantime, tell us if you liked Sage in the comment section below.

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