Shriya Pilgaonkar: Arjun Kanungo has a very good sense of humour!

Shriya Pilgaonkar who is seen with Arjun Kanungo in his latest single Woh baarishein talks to Joanne D'silva about her experience of working with the singer. She revealed to us how she got on board for the track, her experience featuring in a music video for the first time and more... 

How did you get on board for Woh Baarishein

Arjun got in touch with me and said that he has a song and made me hear it and I really liked it. I just knew one thing that I had to be part of this song. 

How was your experience featuring in the music video? 

I really had a lovely time we shot the music video in Goa and it was really hot when we shot. So, I was like ok Woh baarishein let us have some rains and enjoy. I love the song personally it is a very melodious song. It is a song that you can listen to over and over again. So, I was very happy that I really liked the song and we had a great time. The team was nice and the music video was directed by Danny Mamik. And I think because of the team was very small we all just got connected and in two days time, we finish shooting the music video. I'm very happy with the end result and I hope people like it. 

Any funny incident that happened BTS while shooting the music video? 

There was no time for any funny incident because we were really panicking to get the best light and we were shooting in the most remote locations and far from each other. So, while we were getting from one location to other we were just getting stressed and my dop was really worried about the lights so we all were stressed to get the perfect shot and it turned out very nice. 

Any memorable incident that happened while shooting the music video? 

On the second day of the shot in the evening, we wanted to take a particular shot but we were losing light. And that was supposed to be when it was raining. We had our rain machine ready and our director said you just have one shot for this. So if you messed it up it is gone. When the music started Arjun and I naturally let go and we were completely in the zone and performed and felt that love. Eventually, we used a lot of that footage in our music video which looked beautiful. So sometimes magic is created when it is least expected. So, I really enjoyed that. 

Which is the best scene you loved form the music video? 

There are many moments but I personally enjoyed a little bit of dancing that I had because I don't have any dancing in the music video. So, I told Arjun and made him promise me that I'll get the next music video where I'll be going to dance. I like the scene when we are getting wet in the rain and even in the forest it is beautiful it is very serene and shot wonderfully. So, I really enjoyed that as well. 

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How was it working with Arjun Knaungo? 

Arjun is very talented and he is a very very sweet person. He also has a very good sense of storytelling and we had a very good time collaborating together. And I felt that we were making the music video together and not just being part of this music video. I'm happy that I have collaborated with him on this and I wish him all the best. 

What is one quality you love about Arjun Kanungo? 

On quality that I love about Arjun is he has a very good sense of humour. And he is open to feedbacks it is great when you meet a fellow artist who is open to having an honest conversation. And I think me and Arjun always have an honest conversation because we are really good friends. Also, we don't take each other too seriously and you will always see us making fun of each other.