Shuru karein kya from Article 15 conveys a powerful message!
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The first song from the upcoming movie Article 15 is finally here. The rap number titled Shuru karein kya marks the Bollywood debut of Indian rappers SlowCheeta and Dee MC. The music video features Ayushmann Khurrana and the rappers and includes a few stills from the movie.

The music is a little old school and does not have a lot of elements. The reason for keeping the track minimal is to give the lyrics more attention. These are written by the rap artistes who have lent their voices to the song. Shuru karein kya talks about equality, discrimination, rape and other social problems in India.

Dee MC’s line ‘Har jaati se choti yaha aurat ki jaat’ is one of the many hard-hitting phrases in the song.

Shuru karein kya is not just another rap number in a Bollywood film, but a song with a strong message. It looks like asli hip-hop has finally made its way to the movie biz.

Would you like to hear a song like  Shuru karein kya from your favourite singers? Do tell us.  Keep watching this space for updates.