Snoop Dogg is back with a new song - I wanna thank me!

Dr Dre’s favourite collaborator Snoop Dogg dropped a new song yesterday. This surprise release came with a music video that includes some of Snoop’s best live performances from his early years. The song is titled I wanna thank me, which was the highlight of his speech when he got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The song starts with his speech and instantly goes back in time to when Snoop was just a teenager making music.  I wanna thank me does not include multiple soundtracks, just a two-step long beat and a snare that becomes the song’s backbone and groove.

Watch the music video below:

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While the song brags about Snoop’s achievement over the past few years, the music and his voice don't feel puffed up or self-congratulatory. I wanna thank me is produced by Battlecat and directed by Dah Dah.

It wouldn’t be surprising to know that hip hop listeners are enjoying this new song from one of the oldest OGs in the rap game.

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