A song and dance about Princess Diana!

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle may be in the news right now for all that they have been doing – including having their first child, Archie – but it is Harry’s mum Diana, Princess of Wales, who is still hitting the headlines, 22 years after her death in a car crash in Paris. A musical based on her life, called Diana, will make its debut on Broadway in a few months, officially opening at the Longacre Theatre on March 31, 2020. The music and lyrics for this are by David Bryan and Joe DiPietro. The musical explores Diana’s turbulent and dramatic marriage to Prince Charles. Its extended world premiere run in California was a super-success. 

In the play, Jeanna de Wall plays Diana, while Roe Hartrampf acts out Prince Charles role. And yes, to add a little extra spice, Camilla Parker-Bowles makes an appearance too, this one done by Erin Davie. The part of Queen Elizabeth is acted by Judy Kaye. Diana is directed by Christopher Ashley, with choreography by Kelly Devine and music supervised by Ean Eisendrath.