Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez to collaborate on new music?

Taylor Swift recently released her new single, Me. And the buzz about her collaboration with bestie Selena Gomez is making very loud noises in the musical world. 

It was a few days back when Tay donned a denim jacket with various badges on it.  One of those featured her best bud Selena Gomez. Taylor shared the picture of the outfit- which was on the cover of a magazine- and wrote, "She wanted to rep as many things/people she loves on her jacket". Check out the post! 

Apart from Selena Gomez, the Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill, the casts of Friends, Game of Thrones and Grey’s Anatomy,  as well as her pet cats Olivia and Meredith are also featured on the jacket as badges. 

We presume that both Taylor and Selena will collaborate soon on some music. Taylor's new album TS7 will release soon. Let's wait to watch what happens next. Until then,  stay tuned to SoundboxIndia for updates from the world of music.