Taylor Swift breaks multiple records with ME!
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Taylor Swift released a new song called ME! last week  which featured Panic! At The Disco front man Brendo Urie. In only a week it has broken multiple records.

YouTube tweeted that Taylor Swift had broken the record for highest female and solo 24-hour debut for any music video. The video has more than 100 million views!

It was not just on YouTube that she made a new record. VEVO also said that ME! broke the record for the highest number of views in a single day.

And that’s not all. Amazon also added that ME! broke not one but two records of theirs! One was for the most streams on the first day and the other was for the most on-demand voice requests for Alexa.

Taylor Swift’s fans were a little impatient since it has been more than a year since she released any new music. But now she is back with a bang and has shattered all these records.


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