Two new songs from Camila Cabello light up the scene…

Yes, well, you know and we know and we know that you know that Camila Cabello has been trending for a while now. And you know…blah blah blah…that it’s mainly because of the steam that she has been generating with rumoured – no, they have not come straight out and said it – beau Shawn Mendes after their very sexy song together, Senorita. But after all the very public romancing and out-there coochie-cooing, Camila suddenly released two songs a couple of days ago, both rather ooh-la-la and sizzling. The video for Shameless shows her seemingly confused, struggling to understand and accept, almost violent in rejection, then acceptance. The lyric video of Liar is calm and scenic, and we cannot wait for the official music video to be released.

For now, take a look at these:

I said, I won’t get too close but I can’t stop it, she sings in Liar, Oh no there you go, making me a liar…

Video Url

While in Shameless she sings I’ve been running from it for the longest time

Video Url

So are these confessions of her relationship with the man she has been smooching on the streets? Or is there something darker involved? You watch/listen and tell us!