Watch Joyner Lucas pay homage to Nipsey Hussle, Tupac, Michael Jackson and many others on Devil's work music video
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Joyner Lucas is back with another masterpiece video, but this time paying tribute to rappers and musicians like Tupac, Michael Jackson, Nipsey Hussle and more. The rapper released an official music video for his track Devil’s work from the album ADHD.

In the music video you can see pictures of the musicians along with other ones like Trump, R Kelly and others. If you have heard the song before, you would know about Joyner’s lyrical stand against some of the politicians and criminals who were released after committing serious crimes.

It was the I'm Not Racist music video and song that put Joyner on the global map of hip hop. Devil’s work follows on the same path only until he mentions Tupac's name. It follows with a groovy and jumpy beat arriving out of nowhere. But it's Joyner’s expressive rapping style that makes a greater impact.

Joyner isn’t the first rapper to take a shot at Trump, but is definitely the first to mention the President of the US with others who have received a lot of hate and anger from people on the internet.

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