What is Justin Bieber trying to tell us through his pictures with Ed Sheeran?

Recently Justin Bieber posted a picture with Ed Sheeran in front of a green screen with just ‘10’ written as the caption. Fans have been wondering just what he’s trying to tell us through this picture.

Many have said that the two of them are probably collaborating. Ed Sheeran wrote the song Love yourself for Justin. Both of them singing together would be something else altogether.

Maybe Justin is revealing the name of Ed’s latest album through the caption. All of his albums till now have had math related names like Plus, Multiply and Divide.  But there are only so many signs he can use. He might have decided to use numbers instead.

Or they could be starring in a short film together. Recently, Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino and Rihanna starred in the tropical thriller Guava Island. In the picture Ed is wearing a beach shirt and Justin a tie dyed t-shirt. They could possibly be doing something similar.

There is definitely something going on between Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran. Nothing romantic though since both of them got married recently!

What do you think Justin Bieber is trying to tell us through his picture? Let us know in the comments below!