What would your mother say if she heard Mother, Charlie Puth!

harlie Puth may look young and sweet, but appearances are indeed deceiving. The Marvin Gaye and One call away singer, who is also a songwriter and record producer, released his new single last week in a way that any mother would approve of, quietly and with amazing success. Mother, as he calls it, is “about the high school experience I never had, he tweeted

The song is catchy and happy and ever-so-slightly wicked, showing that angelic looking Charlie is not all good, on no! Take a look at/ listen to Mother:

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Nice, no?  

“If your mother knew all of the things that we do
If your mother knew, she’d keep me so far from you”

he sings.

The music video is all about every teenage boy’s dream.. and almost every teenage boy’s behaviour. He is a “nice boy, so well-mannered” when he meets his girlfriend’s parents, but as soon as he leaves the house with her, he transmutes into a rebellious teen who takes his lady on a wild adventure! They drive through the night, swim in pools they don’t belong in, smoke, cuddle and generally have a blast of the kind no mother would condone, not at that age…or perhaps any other.

Tell us, what would your mother say if you had done all this, and more? We want to know!