Where is Darshan Raval's monsoon song?

Every year Bollywood heartthrob singer Darshan Raval has treated his fans to a monsoon song. This year too, Darshan is all set to charm his audience once again with a celebration of the rain.

Darshan and soulful romantic tracks to listen to during the monsoon seem to have become synonymous. The singer has released monsoon singles since 2015, all about the rain and the various emotions it evokes, and each of them has been a chartbuster. This time too, he will release his latest single this month. While the date for this has not been declared yet, Darshan has made his fans eager for more by posting pictures on social media. 

A few days back he posted a picture with the caption: "#Raininingsoon" Check it out here. 

For those of you who wonder, Darshan will feature in the video as well. It has been shot in the picturesque environs of Varanasi. To keep his fans updated about his song Darshan dropped the first look on his Instagram handle yesterday. In the post, he is seen with his partner under an umbrella - but his face is hidden. The poster says, "Feel the rain" Check out the post right here. 

The music will be releasing on Indie Music Label's YouTube channel later this month. Till then, stay tuned to SoundboxIndia for updates from the world of music.