YouTube Music enters India!
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It hasn’t even been a month since the launch of Spotify in India and there’s a new competitor in the market. The new music streaming service is none other than YouTube Music. The application was launched in several countries last year. The application is different than the YouTube application.

In YouTube music, you can listen to the songs and even watch the videos of them as per your choices. There’s a download option as well along with a playlist feature. The most interesting thing which everyone had asked for is the app minimize option and YouTube music has that. You can now minimize the YT music app and still continue to listen to your songs.

The recommendation on your searches is something that has impressed the app users the most. Google has worked very hard to show a similar kind of music to users depending on their watch history and searches.

The Premium version of the app will have ad-free music plays and can even automatically download up to 100 songs for the Offline Mixtape category. The paid version will be available at Rs. 99 per month which is much cheaper than Spotify.

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