Jeff Timmons gets fat!

So we told you that the founder of the group 98 Degrees was going to collaborate with AR Rahman. Jeff Timmons, who has been wandering in and out of our country for various reasons – presumably to meet ARR, for one – has been bonding with various people, including stylist Asif Merchant, eating his way through India. On his first trip, he was taken to all the very well hidden local eating places, the secret spots that only people who know go to. He ate local, traditional cuisine and a lot of it, too! The best thing about the trip for Timmons was that he loves spicy food and managed to eat so many varieties of it that his chilli-hungry tummy was very happy indeed. His friends told him more than once that he could regret the binge, but that didn’t stop him in the least. He ate this and that and everything that he could manage to get his hands on, and enjoyed it thoroughly. And did he regret it? Actually, yes, he did. And no, it is not because of the spice, the oil or the hygiene, but because of the sheer amount of food that went into his system. “I loved everything,” Timmons said, “and my waistline says it all.” Yes, the singer-songwriter-DJ gained about five kilos during his short trip and is now busy trying to work it off back home. Will he be back soon? Of course, not just for his collaboration with Rahman, but for all that he didn’t get to eat the last time!