Jind mahiya will sooth your soul

If you’re in a bad mood, just listen to the song Jind mahiya from the movie Naughty Gang. It is sung by Yasser Desai and Palak Muchhal.


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Even though the song is a romantic one it doesn’t sound cheesy at all. Actually, the lyrics are a little bit but the song is composed and sung in such a different and unique way that it doesn’t sound cheesy. Romantic songs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and if you just want to relax and feel better, then this is a great song.

The main reason this song is so soothing is, because an acoustic guitar has been used in it. Honestly, Bollywood songs should use this instrument more. The song opens with a pleasant sounding, finger picked riff. The composition in general of this song is really nice and different. There is also a short guitar solo of sorts in the middle of the song which goes really well with it.

Yasser Desai and Palak Muchhal both have amazing songs and sound really good together. The video is also well shot and shows some beautiful scenery.

Jind mahiya is a nice non cheesy Bollywood romantic song. It’s refreshing, well made and makes for very easy listening.

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