Jubin Nautiyal: Hai pyar kya has a very unique story

Jubin Nautiyal had a candid conversation with Joanne D'silva and shared his views on the independent music scenario in India. He also revealed the process of making his new romantic single, Hai pyaar kya, which released recently on Bhushan Kumar's T-Series YouTube channel. Watch the video where he reveals a lot more about the collaboration....

What was the brief given to you by Mithoon? 

When Mithoon works on a song he takes his time and gives it a lot of love and thought. He is very deep as a person and he puts that depth into the music. His song is very close to your heart and you connect to it right away. We did the song long ago and what you hear in the film is what we dubbed. And his surety about the track is what makes the music so special. I think he is a great composer - I love the way he works. His brief to me about this song was, "You are a rock star in this song and just imagine that." He also told me that he needs the angst, the softness and all the variation of my voice in the song. 

What was the process of making your recent single, Hai pyaar kya

I am being graced with a lot of work in Bollywood and have been really blessed to sing a lot of songs that I have got - thanks to the great composers in the industry. There are also a lot of other things lined up, in my voice, which will release soon. But I grew up listening to a lot of independent sound -  Rahman, Lucky Ali, Mohit, KK, Palash Sen, Strings, etc. There was a time when independent music was blowing up and I was growing up as that was happening. But when I reached here, when I was in a position to do independent music, it was gone. And nobody was doing it; people were doing commercial music. Even in the independent space they were doing commercial songs. I also did that - I made a couple of commercial songs and they went massive too. But this time I wanted to make something that I could enjoy. I wanted to make a song that is not like any other. I wanted to make a different sound and that is what Hai pyaar kya is. It is not a song, but a moment. And it is that moment of silence that you will feel in this chaotic world around you. Technology is wider and we are all busy with our phones, and we don't know how to sit and be with ourselves. We get impatient and anxious if we are alone. So Hai pyaar kya is the song that talks about it. 

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How was your experience working with Rocky? 

I have admired Rocky since I heard his writing in Guncha koi mera naam kar gaya, which was one of my favourite songs. It was a new age ghazal and had the feel. And when Hai pyar kya happened, it was a unique story. I have worked on the melody of the song which was from back home. He had worked on some words when he was 19-20 years old. And I was just singing the melody to him when he started saying the words he had written then and they just connected well. Hai pyaar kya? Mill jaaye toh aasmaan. Hai pyaar kya? Mill jaaye toh daastaan... he had written it just like that. It was 10-15 words that he put in front of me and it matched the melody that was at the back of my head, so I just gave my best.