Jubin Nautiyal: If my life changed after getting the Bollywood tag, I would lose my originality!

Jubin Nautiyal talked to Joanne D'silva about his experience working in the Hindi film music industry and if the 'Bollywood' tag changed his life. He also shared who his favourite music composer in the industry is and discussed his new song, Dil jaaniye from Khandaani Shafakhana, his experience working with Payal Dev and more... 

After getting the 'Bollywood' tag did your life change?   

I didn't let it change and I call that my biggest achievement. If my life had changed after getting the 'Bollywood' tag, I would lose my originality. I'm a very simple boy from the mountains who is currently doing big things here and I have surrounded myself with people from home. I have the same team I had back then. I don't step out and party too much. So I don't really get to know how my work is creating ripples. Sometimes I go back home and find myself in a place where I can't move and that point in time I tell myself that yes, I'm getting day-by-day famous. But apart from that, I never let this all get in the way and don't think much about it. In fact, in many films, my songs have been featured, but I have not seen the film as yet, because when I see my songs playing on the big screen, I get goosebumps. I think I am working on one song at a time and that is why I am probably able to work hard and that is my process.

Who is your favourite composer in Bollywood? 

I have a lot of favourites when it comes to composers. I love AR Rahman - he is not only a music director, but he is also an independent artiste. His genius is that every time he does music for films, it is very independent music and that is the beauty. I love Pritam Da  - he is not only a music director, but he is a decade of music. His music is unique and he tries to bring a twist in the songs; I think that is what I learned from him. I love Amit Trivedi  - he is a new age sound of our country. I also love Sachin-Jigar. 

How did you come on board for Dil jaaniye from Khandaani Shafakhana?

I love Payal Dev too (laughs). Payal is an ace music composer and Dil jaaniye was her first song, but what is lined up in the future...you will get to see the whole journey of the composer. I have sung a few songs that she has made and I'm lucky to get to sing them. She is brilliant and she is going to take that whole sound of music to another level. And there are hardly any female music directors in our country. I think women understand emotions so much better and they also feel the emotions so much more. So I think there should be more female composers and that is how much I believe in Payal Dev. 

What was the brief given to you by Payal Dev for the song Dil jaaniye?

Dil jaaniye is such a sweet and simple song that says everything. Her brief was to me was: 'Jubin, how you feel like singing, sing accordingly'. I said, 'No, tell me how I should sing'. We have that relationship and that love and respect as composer and singer between us and that is why you will get to listen to more songs that we have done together. 

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Do you think Kabir Singh's music album is a game-changer because it has all original songs? 

I think Kabir Singh has broken a lot of barriers in terms of ideology and beliefs. The film has a different story with a very fresh sound - but in India, if the film runs successfully at the box office, the music becomes a hit. That is sad, and that is where independent music comes in. I think every song should be treated as an independent song. Many people don't know how to listen to music, they just see the music, but don't feel it. They genuinely don't get involved and listen to it and also don't try to understand the lyrics. They don't understand how the music flows, how the emotions are portrayed. So people tend to forget about it. And we are still growing as a music industry. Previously, in Bollywood, there was only one type of music... Bollywood is a mix of genres. Also, we have a lot of artistes coming into the industry and we get to listen to different music, singers and voices. So we are evolving as artistes. My new song Hai pyaar kya will be a revolution, I think.