Karan Oberoi's Rishton ka vyapaar for #MenToo

A member part of the Indi pop group A Band of Boys, Karan B Oberoi has released a new original song called Rishton ka vyapaar. It's now out on the Times Music YouTube channel and happens to be included in a web series called Tittle Role.

Written and sung by Karan B Oberoi, the music video involves video snippets from fake cases registered against men, along with pictures from various rallies that support the idea that crime has no gender. Although this seems to be a challenging and controversial idea, Karan has supported it from the very beginning and now has made a song on it.

Check out the music video below:

Video Url

Music directors Karan B Oberoi and Uvie have used a very simple mix of instruments, giving the overall soundtrack a calm yet energetic feel. While Karan plays the acoustic guitar from the start of the music video, the sounds are heard more in the second half of the song.

The mixing and mastering done by Sajid Khan gets due appreciation towards the end of the song, where all the musical instruments come together for the last burst of sound.

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