Lady Gaga and John Legend on Surviving R Kelly

American rapper and musician R Kelly has been the latest target of serious sexual assault accusations. A documentary called Surviving R Kelly came out a few days ago and it has interviews and anecdotes from many individuals who have accused the rapper of a number of 'crimes' such as violent and controlling behaviour and keeping them (some under the age of consent) in what’s been described as a “sex cult”.

Lady Gaga, who recorded a song with Kelly titled Do what u want has apologised to the public for working with him and shared a note expressing her support to the victims who have come forward.

The makers of the documentary have revealed that they had asked Gaga if she would feature in the movie and share her views about Kelly. But in denying permission, she wasn’t alone. There were other artistes like Jay Z, Lil’ Kim and Dave Chappelle who also didn’t feel comfortable opening up about their relationship with Kelly.

A few other artistes like John Legend and Chance the rapper agreed to be a part of the documentary. Do you think what they did showed courage? Check what Legend felt in his tweet below: