In Leaving love behind, there’s dogs and cats and raccoons and…oh my!

If you are the kind who watches cute animal videos to destress or just to procrastinate, this one’s for you, for sure. Zac Brown Band is doing a very good deed with a new music video for Leaving love behind, the second single from The Owl. Fans have been waiting for the compilation since the first song released. This one is all about the group’s classic country sound, but the short film has a much deeper and urgent message.

Take a look and listen:

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The video is sweet, funny, cute, awwww-inducing and with a very serious and heart-wrenching backstory. It shows home pets doing stuff, like a cat playing a piano, a sugar glider leaping into its owner’s hand, a raccoon chilling, puppies dogging through the snow… things you or any animal lover would have watched on YouTube so often. But the Grammy-nominated band wants fans to think about what has happened to animals during and after Hurricane Dorian, which is still cutting a path of destruction through America after flattening much of the Bahamas. “Especially in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, thousands of pets are without homes. We hope you’ll help…” say the musicians, asking people to give money, time and resources to those who are working to save these animals.

What do you think of the music of Leaving love behind and the video? Do tell us!