Listen to Ed Sheeran's acoustic version of Beautiful people

It has only been a few days since Ed Sheeran’s Beautiful people came out. While the song has been getting popular among the music listeners, we already have an acoustic version of the song! This Ed Sheeran and DJ Khaled collaboration was originally out with a music video featuring Ed Sheeran in some parts of the video.

This acoustic version we are talking about is sung by Ed Sheeran in the Abbey Roads studio in London. Watch the complete performance below:

Video Url

Just as in the original video the couple featured in it dares to be different than most glamorous people and shows us that being normal is as special, we think Ed Sheeran shows us that he is so good with acoustic versions that he doesn’t need electronic pop sounds to make his music stand out.

Listening to the acoustic version closely, the tempo is much faster than the original but yet the guitar and piano sounds blend with Ed’s soulful vocals seamlessly. 

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Ed Sheeran sounds better in acoustic versions?

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