Listen to The Melvins merge Pink Floyd and Blondie’s In the flesh!
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In the flesh is a hit song by two famous bands, Blondie and Pink Floyd. But they’re completely different songs, with totally different lyrics and compositions. Blondie released their version of In the flesh in 1976 and it became an instant hit. Three years later, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd wrote a completely unrelated song that had the same name.

More than thirty years later, the influential rock band The Melvins made an interesting medley of both versions. And with a little vocal abracadabra, the band made In the flesh one song.

The Melvins is a rock band formed in 1983 that influenced many grunge and alternative rock bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Tool and Slipknot.

This novel  version of In the flesh combines the heavy yet ambient psychedelic instrumentation of Pink Floyd with the catchy and memorable lyrics of Blondie. The two go surprisingly well together. Could this mean - with a little stretch of the imagination - that Pink Floyd and Blondie will perform together at some point in the future?

Are you a fan of either The Melvins, Pink Floyd or Blondie? What did you think of The Melvins take on In the flesh? Let us know in the comments below!