Listen to Timbaland's Bollywood influenced soundtrack!

Not so long ago, American rapper T-Pain was blasted by Indian music lovers for his track That’s yo money. The song included very similar sounding violin strings that were even heard in the Aashiqui 2 movie. The song was however blocked on violation of copyrights, but it made us wonder if the musicians in the West were influenced by Bollywood songs too?

We don’t know about T-Pain, but the veteran music composer – rapper and songwriter Timbaland recently shared a video on his Twitter account in which he says he is influenced by Bollywood. That’s right, he reveals that he often goes to the record stores and buys Indian songs. The difference in the Indian music scales is what amazes him. He even plays an Indian style beat to explain himself better. Check out the tune below:

Now that you know Timbaland has been cooking up some fire Indian – Bollywood’ish beats, what’s the wait for? Do you think he should complete this project and drop a Bollywood song like Marshmello?

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