Louis Tomlinson believes that One Direction will come back together

It’s been three years since One Direction split, much to the dismay of fans all over the world. Many of them wondered whether there will ever be a reunion. Former member Louis Tomlinson has given them some hope though.

He recently said that a One Direction reunion is inevitable. However, the main question is when it will happen. He added that it will be pretty uncertain for a while. He wants them all to be on the same page and happy with what they have all achieved individually.

And the boys are doing really well individually. Zayn Malik and Harry Styles have both released the successful songs Pillowtalk and Sign of the times respectively.

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Louis, on the other hand, recently released the song Two of us.


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Whenever the boys decide to come back together we hope they do it on their own terms. There should be no pressure on them. And hopefully, they’ll come back together even better.

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