This lyrical video for Gully Boy's Jingostan is bohot hard!
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The jukebox for Gully Boy surprised everyone with the long list of songs included in the movie. Being a movie based on a rapper, there are a lot of wordplays in many of the songs. One such song Jingostan has a new creative lyrical video by Sumit Roy and Poet of The Black, which is doing the rounds on the internet. The music composer of the song Dub Sharma was impressed by the lyrical video and shared it on social media.

The song aims at free speech and the lyrics include a lot of street lingos. The music is inspired by future house and electronica music genres. The song is sung and written by Dub Sharma as well.

This isn’t the only song Dub Sharma has composed for Gully Boy. The Azaadi song from the movie was composed by him. He also worked on the music of the most famous song from Gully Boy - Apna time aayega.

Do you think his music is giving a chance to all the aspiring creative artistes to say, apna time aayega? Tell us what you think of Jingostan’s lyrical video in the comments section below. Stay tuned to SoundboxIndia for updates.