Mac DeMarco’s On The Square is freaky and bizarre!
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Mac DeMarco is considered to be one of the top indie musicians. He is known for his unconventional compositions and quirky lyrics. His music is often ambient and psychedelic in nature. The video for his latest song On the square released yesterday.

The video is one of the most freaky and bizarre ones you’ll probably see. Viewer discretion is advised since it might give you nightmares.

The video shows a man in a theatre. On stage, there is someone wearing a skin-tight face mask. That person then dips their face in a chalice of milk. There seems to be another world in the milk. In the milk, there are three creepy looking entities. They are all well dressed and have the heads of scary animals. One has the head of a deformed pig, the other of a hairless cat and the third is something else altogether. You need to watch the video and decide for yourself what that creature is.

All of them are laying bricks. The pig head has a mason square which appears many times through the video. The fancy clothes, bricklaying and presence of the mason square make it possible that these creatures are supposed to be Freemasons. They are a mystical society that has existed for four hundred years. They were originally stonemasons which is why the mason square is their symbol. Many powerful people in history have been part of this society and as a result there are millions of conspiracy theories about them. The Freemasons have featured in many of Dan Brown’s novels. Maybe Mac DeMarco is trying to make fun of them through this video!

On the square is not for the faint of heart. But if you’re into freaky stuff then this video is ideal for you.

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