Madonna’s Eurovision performance uncertain

Though it was announced last month that Madonna would be performing at the Eurovision Song Contest this year in Israel, the organisers claim that they never confirmed her as an act. To perform, she needs to sign a contract which she hasn’t done yet.

Many people, including Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, have asked her to boycott the event because of Israel’s violence towards Palestinians. However, she firmly stated that she will continue protesting human rights abuse but will never stop performing to suit anybody’s political agenda. 

Madonna seems very eager to perform at Eurovision but looks like she won’t be singing there. The event will be happening on the 18th of this month and it's very unlikely that in 2-3 days this will be resolved.

It was reported that she would be performing two songs from her new album Madame X.

The Eurovision Song Contest is an international music competition that has happened every year since 1956. Many artists have become huge after winning like ABBA, Celine Dion and Lulu

Do you think that Madonna will be performing at the Eurovision Song Contest?